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We design our fibre optic deployment products are designed to meet the unique needs of service providers, engineers, and network designers. Our documentation will help ensure easy installation and efficient maintenance. For detailed documentation on our products, visit the Clearfield website and the Nestor Cables website.

3D Instructions for assembly and installation

Clearfield customers can leverage the BILT app to access official 3D interactive guides for an enhanced setup and training process. BILT’s unique offering of voice, text, and animated guidance simplifies installing and maintaining fibre optic solutions, ensuring a quicker ramp-up to job proficiency, minimizing errors, and enabling rework reduction. This partnership allows you to access Clearfield documentation anywhere — with or without Internet connectivity.

  • Faster than paper or video
  • Audio, text & image prompts
  • Rotate & zoom 3D images 360°
  • Replay steps instantly
  • Easily store receipts & warranty
Follow the Directions to Get Started

Install and open the BILT app on your phone or tablet.

  1. Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store
  2. Search for “Clearfield”

Inspect Then Connect!

Connector Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning the fibre connectors before inserting into an adapter is of critical importance in order to meet the demands for ever-increasing network speed and reliability. Working with installers, Clearfield developed two cleaning kits to address this important step — one kit for SC and another for LC. If MPO cleaning is needed along with the standard connector, additional supplies will be needed. Click to access the printable Cleaning Instructions or watch the video above showing how to properly clean a connector.

Get Started with Clearfield Products

It’s important to us that we listen and understand the needs you have for your fibre network. We’d be honoured to put our industry experts to work to help you achieve your goals.